The Young Transport Professionals was established in 2014 to create a forum for young people working in, or interested in rail and related transport industries. 

The YTP is committed to the professional development of young people in transport, and works hard to organise forums, networking events and site visits for its members. These events provide members with opportunities to connect and network with other young people in transport, as well as learn about new technologies and innovations in industry. 

The YTP is run by a voluntary committee, made up of young transport professionals from a variety of transport centric organisations. 

Why was the YTP established?

"The YTP was established because as a young person new to working in transport, I felt that it was difficult to meet other young people also working in rail and related transport industries. Transport, particularly rail, has an ageing workforce, so I wanted to establish a group that would allow young people to learn about the industry together, and provide them with opportunities to create strong professional networks."

— Jesse Gloster, Co-founder and former YTP President